Nigel Garnham - Publications


Garnham, N. W., "An Introduction to Thick Film Hybrid Circuit Technology", The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1986 (awarded IEE Younger Members' Presentation Prize). [Download PDF]


Garnham, N. W., "Videoconferencing: A review of picture compression and Coding Techniques", The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1992 (awarded IEE Younger Members' Written Paper Prize). [Download PDF]


Garnham, N. W. and Ibrahim, M. K., "Adaptive sub-region variable shape motion compensated prediction", Conference on Applications of Digital Image Processing XVII, San Diego, USA, Proceedings of the SPIE, vol. 2298, ch. 78, pp. 35-44, July 1994. [Abstract][Download PDF]


Garnham, N. W. and Ibrahim, M. K., "Classified subregion motion estimated interframe coding", Proceedings of the IEE Colloquium on Low Bit Rate Image Coding, 1995/194, pp. 3/1-3/6, June 1995. [Download PDF]

Garnham, N. W. and Ibrahim, M. K., "Adaptive feature-based motion analysis and its application to interframe coding", Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Image Processing and its applications, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, IEE Conference Publication 410, pp. 31-35, July 1995. [Download PDF]

Garnham, N. W., Motion Compensated Video Coding, University of Nottingham PhD Thesis, October 1995, ISBN x-76-340971-4.  [Download PDF]


Green R. J., Garnham N. W. and Woolley S. I., "Multilayer QoS Management for Residential Broadband Services", submitted for publication in Electronics Letters, July 1998. [Download PDF]


Cope G. and Garnham N. W., "QoS Control and Interworking of Overbooked Elastic and Brittle ATM Traffic", accepted for 16th International Teletraffic Congress, Edinburgh, UK: 7-11 June 1999. [Download PDF]


Navarro F., Jones K. P., Gordhan S. and Garnham N. W., "An Agent-based Service Brokering Architecture for Multiservice Next Generation Networks", Fujitsu Scientific and Technical Journal, vol 37 June 2001. [Download PDF]

Green R. J., Wolley S. I., Garnham N. W. and Jones K. P., “Quality of service management for broadband residential video services", IEE Electronics and Communications Engineering Journal, volume 13 number 6, December 2001, pp265-275. [Download PDF]


Green R. J., Wolley S. I., Garnham N. W. and Jones K. P., “Experimental Testbed Results for Broadband Residential Video Service QoS Management”, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications 2002, New York, USA, April 28- May 2 2002,  vol 2 , pp 1142 -1148. [Download PDF]


Chair of "Solutions and Strategies for Wireless Fixed Broadband Integration", Broadband World Congress, Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Madrid, 3-6 October 2005.[Information]


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